We give our clients unsurpassed customer care

We give our clients the very best in customer service. Not only will we give you the Hollywood red carpet equivalent when it comes to Private Student Loans Help, we will also get you the best savings on your debt. Call around and get other quotes from other debt relief companies. We guarantee we will not only beat them in savings, but also on customer service. Once you have decided our program is the best path for you getting out of debt, we will get to work immediately to make sure that happens as quickly as possible.

Make an informed decision

We want our clients to be able to make an informed and educated decision on whether our debt relief program is the best avenue for them to eliminate their debt. That’s why we explain not only the pros of debt relief, but also the cons. We will make sure that you fully understand how debt relief works through the settlement process and offer you a plan that is specifically based on your debt situation.

The truth about Private Student Loans Help

First and most importantly Private Student Loans Help is meant only for consumers or businesses who have a legitimate financial hardship. A financial hardship is simply when you have experienced an event such as an injury, loss of job, divorce or medical issue which has made it impossible for you to make your monthly minimum payments without sacrificing your basic needs like, food, rent or transportation.

In these financial hardship situations bankruptcy is most often the course taken. Unfortunately, in bankruptcy unsecured creditors like credit card companies will likely not recover a cent of what is due to them, and you the consumer will ruin your credit worthiness for years. Remember that employers, renters and many services ask if you have EVER filed for bankruptcy, thus although it may not be reported after 10 years, it can have a reach far longer.